August 24, 2014 – Norman, Oklahoma – 6:01 PM CDT

Description: I was in my pool in the backyard watching Mississippi Kites flying overhead. (I am a bird watcher.) Then I saw an object traveling from the South to the North. My first impressions it was a drone of some kind. It was small, but I had nothing to compare too. It was completely red, but the leading edge reflected the sunlight which was silver. The speed was too fast for a small drone. I live 20+ miles from TAB in OKC, and jets of different kinds pass over often, plus small private planes. This object was too fast, too low and made no noise. The time I saw the object was no more than 1 second, and since I have a huge tree to the North, I could not see once the tree blocked the view. I feel this had to be either a drone (I live near the University of Oklahoma and NOAA) or a UFO. I am an amateur astronomer, and observed the Sputnik in the 1950s. I believe there could be UFOs, but this is the first I have seen. Once I saw the object I went to the house to get the correct time.

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