August 25, 2013 – Trumansburg, New York – 8:30 PM EDT

Description: I live on Iradell Rd in Ithaca, NY and I saw something in the sky.

I was driving home from Waterloo, NY after visiting my grandson Sunday night, August 25th. Around 8:30 PM while driving my Sebring convertible (top down), I was coming into Trumansburg on Route 96, and as I was just about to pass the Dollar General Store (located on my right), I looked up to see these 2 huge orange/amber lights just above me.

At first I thought: “Gee, those are new!” They looked like big bright streets lights or a new radio tower, but with orange lights. I kept looking over my shoulder at them because they seemed to be MOVING. They made no sound and I couldn’t see any metal to tell me it was a plane. It went across the street, over the ice cream parlor, then the Legion and was heading towards Cayuga Lake. I thought, wait, I should have seen them as I was driving down the road, but I know I didn’t. They seemed to come from out of nowhere. They just appeared to come from the direction. Then I thought I didn’t recall ever seeing them at that location before, so they couldn’t be street lights or a new tower. So I slowed down to keep looking and they slowly without any sound, moved across the sky in a southeastern direction.

I pulled over, grabbed my phone to try to get a picture but they were getting further away and they looked as if they were disappearing behind a cloud cover, except they were no clouds out. Then the light located at the back of this object slowly flickered out and then the front one. I was so curious I drove to see if I could find them again.

I turned left and headed towards the lake, but that makes me head downhill towards the lake and the sky was getting obscured by trees, so I came back up the hill. I stopped on Van Dorn at Rascals and just looked and looked for these lights all over the sky. I saw nothing. Just like that, they were gone.

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