August 26, 2012 – Stockton, California – 4:51 AM PDT



Description: This happened sometime in 2012, but the time and dates on the pictures are not correct. These pictures are real. I recently was looking through the pictures noticed them again now because my phone doesn’t make them seem like as big a deal as it does on the computer and I’m hoping that maybe with a better computer that someone like you might be able to show me even more details. I was also hoping to disprove my friend who is claiming that it was the moon only being shown a little through some clouds which I know is not the case.

I was working late at a home in Spanos Park in Stockton, CA and to make a long story even longer I noticed what I thought was just a bright star. About 30 minutes later it looked like several planes were flying towards the star. Then as the planes would get close to it they would disappear (and what I mean by planes is little red dots some flashing some not). It was way too far away to see. I assume they were not helicopters because they were flying moving pretty fast. So I went to the upstairs window and watched for another 30 minutes or so at this point. I believe it was around 1 AM. I went back to painting for a little while and was tired so I was packing my stuff in the van and I glanced up again and the star had moved considerably closer or had grown bigger and was moving around in the sky. At this point it looked more like a ball then a flashy star and was a solid white light. I watched it for awhile then I finally thought this is really strange. I should take some pictures so I went inside back upstairs and started taking a bunch of pictures through the window before I finally thought of opening the window so I could see better. I have attached only the pictures that you can see it the best. For some reason my phone really didn’t capture it so good and I was kind of watching more then I was focusing on getting it on camera. Meanwhile I watched the ball start changing shapes and moving around a lot more. As crazy as this would sound it seemed to almost move like it was alive and swimming around in different directions, but staying in one general area playfully enjoying itself. The ball turned into a flat long line then a semi half circle that was spinning and then it looked like a little arrow pointing up then down then back into a circle and spin around. Towards the end of the show it took on a bluish light at one end as well and ended in the shape of a candy cane. The first few weeks I kept checking the news and researching online to see if I could find any information about it or if anyone reported seeing it as well and the only thing I can remember reading about is that they were going to strap a space shuttle to a big plane and fly it around piggy backed and that was to be the final space shuttle flight just flying around piggybacked in our atmosphere. I would like to see these photos in more detail and investigated. You may contact me at my cell number or email anything you can as to what it is or whatever more you could see.

Note: The photos were taken with a I-phone. Date and time settings are generally correct on I-phones. For this reason the time stamp date on photo was used (August 26, 2012). The time on the I-phone was listed as 4:51 AM. The witness stated that she thought that the time was around 1 AM. It is more than likely that the witness saw a bright star or planet, but this may not be the correct explanation?

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