August 28, 2011 – Tacoma, Washington

2 Bright Lights Appear & Disappear in Southern Sky. Photos & Video Taken.

Image Extracted From the Video Showing the 2 Bright Lights.

Image Extracted From the Video Showing the 2 Bright Lights.

Date of Sighting: August 28, 2011
Time of Sighting: 10:15 to 10:25 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Tacoma, Washington (See Map)
Description: My mother called me out to our balcony to look South at a bright light that she had seen the night before (8/27). I see this extremely bright spherical object hovering above the tree line. It was illuminating the sky around it. I can’t say how large it was, but it appeared to be quite big. Suddenly another object appears of equal size and brightness. They seemed to fade in and out every so often and would suddenly disappear and reappear in what seemed to be the same place. I captured this on my digital camera for what lasted a little over 5 minutes. I also took pictures before the video so you can see how close it was because of the visible tree line and nearby structures. I have a suspicion they were flares except that my mother claims she saw the same light the night prior and that this very light sent what she can only describe as a white beam of light below it, just the way a search helicopter would, but that the light was fading in and out as well.

Note: Skies were mostly clear with a few clouds at 9,000 feet. No bright planets were visible in the southern sky at the time of the sighting. I viewed the video that the witness uploaded to YouTube. The two lights would appear and disappear. At least one of the lights was visible at all times until they both disappeared towards the end of the video.

Address of Youtube Video:

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