August 29, 2012 – Scarborough, Ontario, Canada – 10:04 AM EDT

Photo & Enlargement of Bright Object Seen & Photographed by Witness.

Photo & Enlargement of Bright Object Seen & Photographed by Witness.

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Description: Now this is quite interesting in observations here once again today, Wednesday, August 29th2012 while at work in Scarborough. I noticed a lot of dust coming from next door’s construction. So I popped outside curious to have a look see at 9:57 AM. As I looked up in the clear blue sky slightly northwest. From about a half mile away from where I stood at about a good five to ten thousand feet in altitude I could see a near stationary bright white light source. It appeared to be moving very slow. It was almost stationary. The intensity of the light would lessen on and off. After watching this spectacle for about 30 seconds I ran into my workplace to retrieve my camera. Once back outside in less than 30 seconds with my camera looking up I took seventeen still shots along with a couple of video clips within five minutes. One coworker came out as I tried to bring it to his attention. Without looking up he said: it’s a plane! And he continued to walk away for his daily morning break walk. This object was now after nine minutes observed moving southwest towards Toronto. It just faded out before my eyes due to distance. I came back inside work and found out our Company Server went down at the same time as the sighting.

Note: This witness has taken several photos and videos of strange objects. He has written an abstract of his experiences. See below:
I agree with your comment that I am a contactee. Here is a little more about me. I am supposing being an Abductee from age 4 to 6 and probably through adulthood may be some form of grooming and or conditioning In development as Contactee. As that would be the case of all this lifetime paranormal STUFF. The rash of sightings really started in 2003. I do wonder about alien abduction agendas? Maybe there are others like me that are acting as liaison between human and Extraterrestrial/Interdimensionals. I have studied with many interconnected subjects and I wonder: why me?

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  1. Joan says:

    I have shared the life long history of oddness the witness describes. In answer to the question “Why me?”, I can only say that our lot seems to be destined to just keep telling our story until the world wakes up for itself. We are demonstrating that we have remained safe for all these years in spite of our experiences. Were we inclined toward the paranormal by nature or as a result of our experiences? Who knows. We are bucking science in any event, offering the challenge that impells us toward new discoveries. Some folks seem inclined to be witnesses perhaps because we do not dismiss everything as a plane without even looking. Even folks who know and trust us may not want to give credence to the reality we are trying to point out, until it is sanctioned by authority. So be it. Our comprehension remains unchanged as the evidence mounts. Even overt disclosure will not lessen the process of absorbing this reality by the average Joe. We can only proceed incrementally, hoping to provide reassurance to those whose eyes are now being opened. At least we are finally finding an audience willing to listen to our story, no matter how limited it may be. This is a great improvement over a lifetime of dismissal and ridicule.

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