August 6, 2012 – De Motte, Indiana – 8:30 PM CDT

Description: On 8/6/12 at about 8:30 PM my son and his friend came running saying to look at the sky. Two of my sons, myself and my son’s friend watched a disc glowing that was bright red. It moved east to west with no sound. Then it suddenly vanished. We Are in De Motte, Indiana. Did anyone else see this?

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2 Responses to August 6, 2012 – De Motte, Indiana – 8:30 PM CDT

  1. R.H. says:

    I used to live in Demotte (two months ago) and I have seen several star like orbs just moving, but at tremendous speed and it was climbing at unbelieveable altitudes. It looked just like a star, but lower and moving. Myself and maybe 5 to 6 friends saw it. I know what helicoptors look like and airplanes and not one has just one single light. I have also seen one that was lower and it looked like a fiery ball moving toward us and then took off behind the woods. I believe they are here on earth helping us evolve and I believe they have been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years.

  2. Charles Monroe says:

    On the 7th of August two consecutive groups of six military helicopters flew over my house during the day not anymore than 700 feet above our house. It was interesting to say the least. A friend of mine also witnessed two red-orange glowing craft going at incredible speeds in the night sky last night on the 9th.

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