August 8, 2011 – Phoenix, Arizona – 11 PM MST



Description: This is one of my earlier photos. The UFO was traveling from east to west, was slow in speed and 300 or more feet up or so. It was hard to tell the size.

For the record I sent you a few sightings years ago. There were “mass sightings and, an “angel UFO” over Roosevelt Lake. I also submitted the latest orb or UFO hovering over power lines. I just submitted that one and submitted a few more on 9-18-2014. I have a collection of UFO videos and pictures from the last 10 years and none of it is fake in anyway. I have tried to run a 1.5 hour tape every night in the same projection for years and I pick up a lot of UFOs. They are not planes or helicopters. I try to explain them to you how I see it. These are not random. I just happen to have sightings. It’s a hobby. I will keep submitting sightings, if you keep running them.

Note: This witness has sent several photos and a video to us (as he stated in his report). It is difficult to identify the object on the security camera. More information is needed about the security camera. (Is the camera inside or outside, was an infrared illuminator used, etc.?) It is much easier if witnesses submit this information with their report. Resources and time do not permit us to contact witnesses to obtain this information.

Note to Commenters: If you are reporting a sighting, be sure to include the location (city, state, country), date and time of your sighting. Be detailed in your description. You may also use our report form to report your sighting. Comments will only be published if they are in "good taste" and not inflammatory. Also the name that you list in the comment will be posted. Use abbreviations or aliases if you don't want your name listed.
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  1. Jeannette says:

    This picture looks similar to the one I took off the 101 highway by Hexeta Head lighthouse in 2008. When we got home from our trip we turned on the TV news right when they were announcing that a UFO was reported in that area. I dropped the tone on the picture so that it could be seen better. I would like to know what that tail thing is. I have that on my photo as well.

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