August 8, 2014 – Maquoketa, Iowa – 8:53 PM CDT



Description: I live in Maquoketa, Iowa. Last night was the 3rd time we have seen this strange red glowing light at my friend’s house just south of Maquoketa in the country. It is always the same spot. It looks like it’s very close, right above a cornfield. It just appears moving a little. Last night it disappeared over the horizon towards the east. We saw this 2 other times, 1-2 years ago a month or 2 apart. The first time that we saw the light there was red pieces, lights, whatever, falling off of it. In the first 2 times it just disappeared before our eyes. It doesn’t look like fire or meteor. It’s very red in color. I had called the news channel in Quad Cities, but nothing ever came of it. We are really perplexed as to what this is. I’m sure it’s much farther away than we think. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Note: The contrast was adjusted in the photo. I don’t have an explanation for this photo. It is interesting to note that the witness has seen this same light on other occasions.

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2 Responses to August 8, 2014 – Maquoketa, Iowa – 8:53 PM CDT

  1. Karl Kushman says:

    They are brake lights for sure! Come on now.

  2. Greg Andersen says:

    Please report this to MUFON.

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