Ball Shaped Object Hovers Then Moves Very Fast.

Location of Sighting: Manchester, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: April 19, 2020
Time of Sighting: 1:55 PM Local Time

Video of Fast Moving Spherical Object That Was Initially Hovering.
Still Image of Fast Moving Spherical Object Extracted From Video.
Still Image of Fast Moving Spherical Object Extracted From Video.

Description: I noticed a stationary ball-shaped object in the sky above Saddleworth today. There were no planes whatsoever at the time. We also checked the flight app after the sighting to make sure. Visibility was excellent probably unparalleled. There were no clouds no planes.

The object began moving left and right erratically and then started moving very fast away until I lost sight. The object started travelling in the direction of Dovestone Reservoir. The height was around 1000 metres + although it was difficult to tell. The size was maybe a couple of feet across.

My girlfriend and I immediately considered the object very strange and I began filming as soon as I could. I am sorry for the expletive at the start of the video. I was very confused and shocked!

It was 100% not an aeroplane as it was initially stationary and hovering. The zigzag style movement was also nothing like a plane, more like a drone although the shape of the craft was clearly round with no visible rotors or exhaust gases.

Note: This object is not a balloon, drone or airplane. The object has an appearance like a balloon, but a balloon wouldn’t hover and then start moving erratically.

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