Beings Seen Inside Black Triangular Object With Green Hue Inside.

Location of Sighting: Waco, Texas
Date of Sighting: October 4, 1973
Time of Sighting: 9 PM CDT

Description: As I was returning home from attending a doctoral evening class at Baylor University, I observed a bright light hovering over Speegleville Park overlooking Lake Waco. As I proceeded west, I noticed the light was more to my right and that it was not the planet Venus. Therefore, I decided to investigate. As I traveled over the bridge, I took the first exit which was then a gravel road leading down into the Park. As I continued on the site, I saw the craft then leave it’s position, traveling in front of me. It was a clear night and the craft had turned off it’s light. I could see the outline of the craft; and I watched the craft go over Highway 6 where it remained stationary in the air, and I decided to follow it. I then saw it settled behind some trees on the other side of the highway. Getting back on Highway 6, I took the next exit that had a crossing over the highway. As I slowly drove past the site where I saw the craft go down behind a clump of trees, the road curved back to the east. I continued approximately 70 yards farther, and then pulled over on the side of the road and stopped and turned off my lights, but left my motor running. Looking in my rear view mirror, I saw the craft rise from where it had been and slowly came in my direction. As it pulled up parallel to where I was parked, it was still in the pasture just past a telephone line and about ten feet higher than the line. I estimated it was about 35 feet off of the ground. It came to a stop and was pointing toward me. The craft was colored black, triangular in shape about 30 feet. long and 20 feet. wide. Looking up at the craft, I could see a cockpit with a green hue inside and three round heads looking down at me. After only about 5 to 7 minutes, a green light was shone on my vehicle and all of my electrical systems went down (no running engine, no lights, no radio, no anything). Getting nervous, I locked my doors and tried to restart my engine to no avail. Not wanting to wear my battery down, I tried to restart my engine every 3 to 4 minutes for about 20 minutes. Finally, the engine started. I sped down the road without my lights on for about 100 yards where I turned my lights on and did a U-turn. Coming back by the craft, it did not move nor tried to follow me. When I got back on the highway going east, I looked over to the south and saw the craft was still “sitting” there motionless. It never made a sound the whole time nor showed any sign of propulsion that I could see. By this time, it was about 9:30 PM.

Note: This is a compelling sighting that happened during the “UFO Wave” of the early 1970’s when many witnesses reported encounters with unknown beings. The witness certainly has credibility given his background. One does wonder why witnesses wait so many years before reporting a sighting?

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  1. Randy B. says:

    I thought I was reading about my encounter. The ship in my sighting was sport car size. My hair on my neck was standing up reading this. it was the same time frame. Thanks

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