Black 4 Sided Craft With Sides of angles 150, 70, 70 & 70 Deg.

Location of Sighting: West Haverstraw, New York
Date of Sighting: May 19, 2020
Time of Sighting: 4:30 PM EDT



Description: I saw a four-sided black craft at approximately an altitude of 700 feet. The angles of the sides were 150, 70, 70 and 70 degrees. It was larger than a drone and smaller than a Cessna. Just before the sighting my consciousness was strangely altered by a feeling of light in mind. A neighbor also saw the craft. I could not explain it. It was similar in appearance to the TR3-B flying triangle.

Note: This witness reported the sighting of an identical object about 10 days later at a different location in New York.

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