Black Triangle – White Lights on Corners, Middle Red Light.

Location of Sighting: Blue Springs, Missouri
Date of Sighting: May 15, 2021
Time of Sighting: 4:54 AM CDT


Description: I live in Blue Springs, Missouri. I caught a black triangle ufo today 5-15-21 at 4:54 this morning at my home. It had 3 white lights on each corner of the ship and the middle had a red circle light. I took several still shots, but they were not working good so I changed to video. It went over my head while on my driveway. I luckily had my phone on me. It lasted maybe 20 seconds. Then it disappeared over the trees. The craft was low & huge.

Note: This craft does not have the normal configuration of navigation lights for conventional aircraft. Aircraft have a red light on the left wing tip and a green light on the right wing tip. The red light on this craft is in the middle. The craft was quite close and made no noise. You would expect to hear some sound from a jet or prop aircraft. The profanity is retained on the video to show the excitement of the witnesses. Perhaps it could be some sort of drone? Blue Springs is fairly close to Whiteman AFB which has been known to house state-of-the-art military aircraft. (See above map.)

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2 Responses to Black Triangle – White Lights on Corners, Middle Red Light.

  1. Jerry Gray says:

    You are right it is not a normal configuration of navigation lights. It was probably something experimental. I’ve worked on aircraft for years. I recognized the out of sync, but familiar navigation lights right away. This is earthly and not extra terrestrial, but it is unique and still qualifies to be called UFO.

    Regards From The Tropics,
    Jerry Gray

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