Black Triangular Object With White Circles on the Corners.

Location of Sighting: Fort Stockton, Texas
Date of Sighting: 2008
Time of Sighting: Around 2 PM Central Time


Description: It was 2008 and one Saturday my little brother and I were playing at our house and it was about 9 in the morning. Around 11 in the afternoon we decided to go our friend’s house and we went to his house and we played his xbox. Around 1:58 in the afternoon my friend, brother and I decided to go outside and play computer games on my friend’s porch. About 5 minutes later I decided to get up and I got off the porch to look for my friend’s nerf gun. It was under his tree so I went to get it and something caught my eye in the sky in front of me. It was an black triangle object with three white circles on the corners and on the side of the object there were little colorful changing lights in 2 rows and the lights went left to right changing colors. It was like 300 feet in the air and it never moved in the air. The object never made noise and when I saw the triangle I told my friend and my brother to get off the porch and look at what I was looking at. They saw it too and when we were looking at the object there was a car coming down the street and out of nowhere my friends computer game turned off and my friend’s trailer power turned off. The car that was coming down the road turned off too like the person was driving and just turned the car off and just sat in the heat with the car off. When we saw all that we went inside my friend’s trailer everything was off inside and we were freaking out. The light switches didn’t work either and about 2 minutes later we went back outside to see if that object was still there and it was gone. Then the power just turned on and the car was still there and the person was still sitting in the heat of the car. When the power turned on, the car turned on and the person drove off like it was nothing. The day after my friend moved and we never heard from them again.

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4 Responses to Black Triangular Object With White Circles on the Corners.

  1. While that specific question is rarely asked, I have found by studying the cases, we can deduce the answer for many of them. In the Levelland, Texas, sightings of November, 1957, it appears that in all the cases but one, the driver took some action to restart the vehicle. You can learn more about it in the book, LEVELLAND.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Kevin: Thanks for the comments. I remember in November, 1957 when the Levelland sightings occurred. It created quite a panic and was well covered in the media. It was right after the Russians launched Sputnik in October, 1957 so nerves were already on edge. I did a special report on Levelland on the 50th anniversary in 2007. I pored through newspaper articles and found many sightings in the Texas Panhandle and New Mexico around the same time. Many witnesses reported car interference. You can read my report at:

  2. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    I sure would like to know if the car’s driver had to crank the engine to start it, or if it just resumed running. There are ten zillion cases where a UFO in proximity caused power failures, including stopping vehicle engines, but it makes a big difference if the engine “resumed”, cranked on its own, or by the driver.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, that is the problem with old cases. Witnesses don’t recall specific details. I have had reports where car engines shut down in the vicinity of UFO’s and then restart without engaging the starter.

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