Blimp Shaped Object Filled With Red & Orange Plasma.

Location of Sighting: San Carlos, California
Date of Sighting: Around 1983.

Description: I also witnessed a blimp shaped object that looked like it had a clear exterior where the “balloon” would be. It was filled with bright glowing red and orange churning gases or plasma. Anyway it was filled with a substance that rolled and boiled inside the clear boundary.  Below was a tram type structure, black and attached completely to the “balloon.”  There appeared to be windows which glowed yellow.  This sighting occurred in San Carlos, CA in the hills near Edgewood Rd. in 1983 give or take a year.  This UFO flew very slowly,  low to the ground and was silent.  It behaved like a blimp would, except for the churning substance glowing like hot lava.  This object was  200 to 250 feet long and 50 to 75 feet from side to side.  The tram was 25 to 30 feet long and had 8 to 10 windows on the side I could see.  I estimate I was probably 130 150 yards away from it standing on the ground.  I was pretty close to it and had a fair amount of time to observe this object.  I have since tried to find a blimp that might be a match, but found nothing that comes close to it in 36 years since.   None of them were clear, none of them had the red and orange glowing substance churning visibly inside the balloon.  Honestly, the exterior looked like it was glass.  It had to be strong glass to contain that hot looking substance rolling and boiling inside.

Note: The witness is referring to the sighting of a bright glowing orange-red light shaped like a blimp. This sighting was in Moorpark, CA in Late July, 2016.

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