Bright Blinking Light Moves North, Curves East, Fades.

Location of Sighting: Livonia, Michigan
Date of Sighting: September 19, 2019
Time of Sighting: 9:20 PM EDT

YouTube Video Clip of Bright Blinking Light.

Description: So we had a strange night last night. First, we saw something that I initially thought was a satellite, but it seemed much closer/bigger than a satellite should be and was definitely much brighter. My husband said it was shaped like a crescent. It seemed to move pretty quickly from south to north, then curved east and faded a few minutes later. Unfortunately, my phone was acting up all night and I wasn’t able to capture it.

There were no flashing, or blinking lights on it and there was no sound. About 15 to 20 minutes later, I noticed something else. I saw three to six consecutive points of light moving from north to south, but unlike an airplane, they had bursts of strobing lights (as opposed to blinking steadily) and as they moved, they seemed to bounce all over the place rather than following a linear progression. I did manage to record some of it.

I’m attaching the video I took on the night of Sept 19th as well as one of the ones I took tonight (Sept 21st). At the end of the first video, you can hear a plane, but the sound was coming from behind me (northwest), not the lights I was recording (southeast).

Note: The witness says that the light was not blinking, but the video clip shows otherwise. A short clip from Sep 19, 2019 is included above.

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