Bright Flashes Brilliant Red, Green, Blue Lights in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Sighting: September 20 and 21, 2016
Time of Sighting: 9:40 PM EDT

Description: I saw bright flashes of brilliant reds, greens and blues flickering in the sky. The UFO’s are at high altitude and hovering for long periods of time. Binoculars reveal 5 lighted flashes in semi circular UFO shape. I can clearly see the front shape of the UFO, but rest of it is washed out with the brightness of the lights. They are beautiful. I have been able to observe several objects over past two nights appearing in different parts of the sky.

Note: Witness stated in a comment that his sighting was similar to a sighting in Smethport, PA on Sep 20, 2016 of a bright Flickering red-blue hovering object.

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  1. Randy K. Whitten says:

    The same thing is going on here in Collinwood TN. We are 100 miles south of Nashville. I work second shift and commute across the AL line to Muscle Shoals for work. The past two nights 9/21&9/22 I witnessed the same phenomenon upon returning home from work at about 2:00 AM in the morning. I noticed the lights while tinkering in my garage. At first I thought they were some type of helicopter, but after really looking I determined these were not any type of aircraft. I watched that night for two hours and again last night with the lights being in the same area in the sky almost like they were waiting on me to come home. I even checked the rest of the sky, but nowhere else did I see anything. I come home tonite and didn’t really see them at first, but then there they were with more subdued colors, but they were there. I phoned a friend back down in Alabama and asked her to look. She did and she saw them too. Then I started looking around and folks they are everywhere tonite. There are literally a dozen more than I even knew of. I got so weirded out I came in to try and research them and see if anyone else had been in similar observance. I would be glad to share anything I have shot, taped or just mental memory information if anyone would so wish to speak with me sbout it. God Bless.

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