Bright Flickering Orange Orb Jerks Erratically.

Location of Sighting: Walbridge, Ohio
Date of Sighting: July 21, 2019
Time of Sighting: 3 AM EDT

Center map


Description: It was 3:00 AM, and I was at work. The sky above me was slightly cloudy (the clouds were up very high) and there was a lightening storm north of me. I stepped outside to grab something from my car and saw a bright light in the sky out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to see what it was, and saw what looked like a bright orange orb. I might have just ignored it, but the movements it was making caught me off guard. It was jerking erratically in a very small section of the sky, just bouncing left, right, down, up etc. It was flickering almost like a flame, or a Chinese lantern, and the movements it made was unsettling to me.

As I was watching it bounce around I reached for my phone to get a video of it. By the time I got my phone out it had stopped jerking, and started flying straight toward the northern sky with a purpose. (It also appeared to change color slightly to a more washed out orange.) It was moving fast, but no faster than an airplane would move, and it was still flickering (not blinking). I watched it fly north and then suddenly the light just disappeared. I should have still been able to see it, because it didn’t go past the horizon or into the clouds. It just vanished.

I have never seen an object like that before, and the way it moved with the quick jerking motions really weirded me out. I managed to snap a picture of it, and take a video of it flying off, but it was dark and my camera was having trouble focusing (like every UFO video ever LOL). Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to catch it on video when it was moving erratically.

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