Bright Glowing Red Object Travels Fast to East Just Below Clouds.

Location of Sighting: Puyallup, Washington
Date of Sighting: March 27, 2018
Time of Sighting: 5:30 PM PDT

Description: I saw a glowing red object traveling west to east just below the clouds. I am guessing on the exact time, as I was eating dinner when I noticed it in the late afternoon sky. I continued watching it until it disappeared beyond the tree line to the east. It didn’t appear to be losing altitude like a plane that was in distress would. Also, there was no smoke coming from it. It was very bright in the daylight sky. It was hard to tell the size, since I couldn’t tell the exact altitude. It was moving faster than a plane, but slow enough to watch for several seconds. The wind was strong, coming out of the south, (the clouds were moving fast), but it had no impact on the direction of the object. I have never seen anything even close to this to compare it to.

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4 Responses to Bright Glowing Red Object Travels Fast to East Just Below Clouds.

  1. Michael says:

    Could it have been a drone? They typically have a red light and might appear to be flying much faster just because they are at a very low altitude and travel very quickly across the sky. It would also be very quiet with no smoke and maintain altitude.

  2. Barb G. says:

    This appears to be a good sighting. It is too bad there was no photos taken of the object.

    • Anna says:

      This is a similar sighting to what my brother and I saw on 4/30 in Seabeck, WA. around 9 PM. I first thought it may be a small airplane or helicopter that caught fire, but it was silent and there was no smoke. It was just like a huge Orange moving object that moved toward us slowly. I have never seen anything like this! I have seen meteors, but this was different.

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