Bright Grey-White Object Zigzags Across Sky.

Location of Sighting: Rolla, Missouri
Date of Sighting: September 17, 2016
Time of Sighting: 9 PM CDT

Description: Last night I was on the porch looking at the gigantic moon coming up in the distance when I noticed a bright object (too far to identify a shape) moving across the sky east to west at an astonishing rate of speed. It moved like a car going between cones. The color was grey/white and bright! I also went dark a couple times. About 10 minutes afterwards I saw it again, but going the opposite direction. This time it was moving north to south. Soon as I saw the 2nd one I yelled for my son to come and see. But by the time he came the object was gone (about 8 seconds). I told my son to hang around and watch the skies for the object. About 15 minutes went by when we saw it again going from east to west again, but this time it was so far up in the sky you could barely see it. It was just a glimmer, but noticeable. He at that point said he never saw anything like that. It wasn’t but just a couple minutes afterwards that a helicopter passed. I couldn’t make it out, but guessing I would say that it was a military helicopter just by how loud it was. I stuck around for about an hour and didn’t see anything else. But the moon was so bright that I could walk in the woods without a flashlight.

I wanted to mention that I saw a few airplanes, but they are not at all comparable to what I saw flying around. Airplanes make noise and have flashing lights plus you can see it’s shape and what I saw was the exact opposite.

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