Bright Light Did Not Move For 2 Hours.

Location of Sighting: Redlands, California
Date of Sighting: January 31, 2020
Time of Sighting: 6:55 PM PST


Description: I saw a bright, white light that did not move at all for about an two hours. I took pictures and videos of it. When my dad checked into it again later, it was gone. We saw it again yesterday, but this time it appeared to be lower. The object was very bright & white, but stationary. It did not move it the slightest, no hovering, nothing. There were no other lights like green & red on an airplane. And there was no sound like from a helicopter. We do live near a small airport, but you can hear those aircraft. My pictures & videos didn’t pick it up well besides the fact it’s bright. I am curious to see if anyone has seen anything similar to this.

Note: The witness was observing the planet Venus. For this reason the videos was not shown in this report.

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2 Responses to Bright Light Did Not Move For 2 Hours.

  1. Isabella says:

    I saw the same thing on my way home from fort Bragg, CA on highway 20. I got a good video of it zoomed up. It seems to look like an orb or star?

    • Anna-Marie L. says:

      OMG my husband and I saw the same thing on Feb 12, 2020. we took videos in the Mojave desert. This was nothing compared to what we have seen out here.

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