Bright Light Moves, Stops, Hovers, Brightens Then Dims.

Location of Sighting: Southeast England Near Thames Estuary
Date of Sighting: April 16, 2018
Time of Sighting: About 10:45 PM Local Time

Description: What you have just described is exactly what I have just witnessed here in the United Kingdom, South East England just off the Thames Estuary. Just to note I am a photographer with a sharp eye. (I am not crazy!)

I know stars, I know what satellites look like when they travel, but this I have just seen is something completely different. I was just standing in my garden watching the night sky. I then saw a bright light high up in space travel through the trees in my garden. To my assumption it was the Hubble or the ISS. However as it got brighter and moved slowly (which neither a Satellite or ISS would do…) it just stopped. And it is still in the sky as we speak. I am not going crazy, and I am not talking nonsense. Sadly I can’t capture any footage as my iPhone will not go in that far, and also my Nikon D810 camera can’t even pick it up. It is very odd indeed. To point out that it is also not a professional drone as I have one myself that I use for work, and it would not behave the same way as to what I am seeing. While I am typing this I have just checked again and it is still there. Yet it’s glowing brighter and then dimming. It also appears to have some sort of gas like glow around it. I know this isn’t clouds or jet fumes from planes causing an illusion as the sky here is extremely clear and there are no major flight paths above me. It’s just a white light that moved slowly and now has stopped. I have to admit is is pretty frightening yet intriguing whatever it is. I couldn’t find anything on the web and this site with a last post being April 2nd, 2018 was enough for me to respond with my own sighting.

Can anyone advise and look into this? Help!

Note: The witness is referring to the sighting of a bright star-like object that moved in line, stopped & changed direction. This sighting was in Meridian, ID on July 30, 2016.

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