Bright Light & Smaller Light Underneath Move Erratically.

Location of Sighting: West Grove, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: April 1, 2017
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM EDT

Description: I saw at first what I thought was a planet and then noticed a second light directly under the other light. I checked the night sky web site to see if it was a planet I was looking at, but it was not. I went outside to get a better look and I took my older daughters with me. We all saw the same thing. The bright light and a smaller light underneath the object moved side to side and up and down every now and then as it was moving you could catch the shadow of what appeared to be a circular object in the shadow of the cloud the surrounded the lights. We watched over an hour when we got too cold to stay and moved back inside where we watched another half hour from my bedroom window. We tried to take video, but to no avail as our technology did not capture the image. This is not the first time I have spotted such objects, but it is the first time others have seen what I saw. Up to then my family thought I was just a little wacky. Now they too know we are not alone!

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