Bright Light Splits in 2, Flies Apart & Rejoins.

Location of Sighting: Kihei, Hawaii
Date of Sighting: June 25, 2018
Time of Sighting: 12:15 AM Local Time

Description: It was around 12:15 AM. I was scanning the night sky in the direction of Kaupo. I noticed an unusually bright light, high in the sky. It was brighter than any star or planet, too bright to be a satellite, not in a typical flight pattern of a airplane and too high to be a helicopter. I decided to watch it for awhile and see what happened. After about 5 minutes it split into 2 lights and then proceeded to continue flying apart in diagonal trajectories for another 5 minutes. The lights then reversed direction, became one again and remained that way for the next 10 minutes. I was tired and went to bed, though had difficulty sleeping. Since I was a child I had wanted to see a UFO and finally it has happened. I am both excited by it and bewildered. What were they doing? Why would they separate and then rejoin? I will be watching that part of the sky whenever I get a chance, hoping I will see them again and hoping to receive more information about why they are here and what they are doing. I would love to hear about other people’s UFO experiences. It feels good to know definitively that we are not alone.

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