Bright Looking Flashing Red-Blue Objects Simultaneously “Pop- Up.”

Location of Sighting: Portland, Oregon
Date of Sighting: September 3, 2018
Time of Sighting: 11 PM PDT

Center map

Description: In the past couple of months I have often been noticing new and strange behavior in my frequent sky observing. This has been especially true this past week or so. Every night there are these very bright and large in magnitude looking “stars” that seem to simultaneously pop up. Sometimes if your looking in the right area you will notice a kind of “poof” effect as to how they show up. They are usually in pairs, which is sometimes confusing as to how they were not noticed because they were big. During their shifty bobs and weaves or slow drifting, you can see other lights around the brighter one’s. They appear sometimes, as if it’s the same craft or a hidden association. The most remarkable observation of these objects is their very prominent, detail in color, and almost blinding red and blue flashes. I usually observe more than a few of these. The most counted was 8 to 10 and they are usually in the same area of sky. They are also always very low on the horizon, below cloud height. Within just 15 minutes of observing these flashers you will notice it’s moved a significant distance. No other stars have moved in hours or even days sometimes. I have never seen such fast travel speed in any real stars ever. These flashing ones always seem to appear in the same time frame. I can never get a good view through my telescope or with my camera for more than a few seconds because of their movement. Also the intense red and blue flashes make it hard to focus in on and zoom to catch structural detail of any sort. What I do notice, and had to make sure several times with other witnesses and different nights was that these flashers are trailed and accompanied by much smaller blue and red orbs that do not flash, but are solid and have much more bold movement at fast speeds. The larger, flashing ones appear to release them or are being launched off of from time to time.

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