Bright Object Above Clouds Reacts to Aircraft.

Location of Sighting: Pine Bush, New York
Date of Sighting: January 25, 2017
Time of Sighting: 7 PM EST



Description: The object was just above the clouds. We could see it glow above the clouds as one passed. It moved around rapidly in the sky. It was coming closer or going farther away. Were were facing South-SW and the object was moving North slowly. It would rapidly move away and then return to the last place it was. It moved rapidly away when airplanes approached, which happened often as we watched for 45 minutes. I have 19 minutes of video footage on YouTube here:

At 8:50 of the video you can clearly see it react to an approaching airplane. It turned away clearly and flew off.

Note: I believe that the witness zoomed his camera on Venus which was visible in the area of the sky at the time of the video. I viewed the video and it appears that the object was stationary and did not respond to the aircraft caught in the video. The apparent shape of the object could due to clipping of the image by the camera aperture.

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