Bright Object With Lights on Bottom Hovers, Moves in Straight Line.

Location of Sighting: Nederland, Colorado
Date of Sighting: June 21, 2014
Time of Sighting: 9 PM MDT

Center map

Description: The object was observed hovering over Caribou Ridge about 5 miles west of the Nederland Fire Station. It was noticed because of it’s extreme brightness. I thought at first it was Venus setting to the west. But, upon further observation, I realized it was too big and too close: meaning it was just on the other side of the ridge of Lodgepole pines which were silouetted by the huge brightness coming over the top of the ridge then straight lined down about 1/4 miles stopping to make a right angle line for a similiar length just above the trees. It stayed still for around 10 minutes and then slowly precisely moved in a straight line towards the top of the ridge always slow precise and deliberate. During this time, my windows were rolled down and there wasn’t a hint of sound from the direction of the sighting. I also had a witness to this event sitting with me. It was NOT military or private as there were NO flashing lights or sounds. As a veteran of years of air shows in Wisconsin, Arizona and Colorado, I declare this was a UFO of some kind. Despite using binoculars, the brightness of the object despite the sun having set and obscured by the mountains on the longest day of the year, I was able to detect other lights on the bottom of the object, but they were surreal in a sense and pulsating. This was not your typical helicopter with lights. I always believed that the object might be looking for precious minerals. Nederland is rich in ore and the predominate ore is not gold, but silver and lead.”The presence of pitchblende in some of the lead-silver ores at Caribou distinguishes these deposits from all but a few in the Front Range.” ( pubs.USGS. gov/bul/1030n/report.pdf). The UFO was just opposite east of Caribou Hill.

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