Bright Orange Ball of Fire Light in Sky Brightens, Dulls.

Location of Sighting: Niles, Ohio
Date of Sighting: July 18, 2018
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM

Description: I am in Niles, Ohio near Warren and Youngstown. The date is 7/18/2018. I have been outside looking at a bright orange light since 11:30 PM. It’s 12:18 AM now. I got out some good binoculars and it gets really bright and then dull. It is so bright that it looks like a ball of fire sometimes. My mother saw it a few days ago and she was saying it was moving back and forth. it has very jerky movement then it will sit still. All the little stars around don’t move when this thing does, but there is a smaller light. It seems to keep lining up with, but I am not sure. The movements it makes are definitely not normal. I stood very still for a few minutes and it went out of my sight pretty quick. I am sitting on my porch so it went above my line of sight and came right back. Mother literally said it has to be a weather balloon because they saw it at her work the other night. Balloons usually don’t look like a ball of fire. It is literally the brightest thing in the sky for the past few days we have seen it. Honestly looks like it’s in the direction of Vienna Airport. I have seen strange things out there last year when lived there. I followed a light on my bike at 3 AM and lost it when it got to the forest line last year. I lived right next to military base.

Note: I believe that the witnesses are seeing the planet Mars which is visible in the area and the time of sightings noted by the witnesses.

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  1. Hitman says:

    I saw three balls of light then they separated and one at a time lit up across the sky. Then they came back together as three.

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