Bright Orange Fireball Glides & Makes 90 Degree Turn.

Location of Sighting: Downers Grove, Illinois
Date of Sighting: July 2, 2016
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM CDT

Description: My boyfriend and I were outside tonight, and at around 9:30 PM CST, I looked over and saw what looked like a bright orange fireball floating through the sky. It made no sound. We are in Downers Grove, Illinois. We are used to frequent air traffic, going to and from airports in the city. This was NOT AN AIRPLANE. It was entirely orange, flew in a straight line, then made a perfect 90 degree turn and floated away slowly, until it quickly disappeared into a dot and then zipped out of sight. We both stood there dumbfounded. This is the second time I have seen one of these orange fireballs. I saw one two years ago, and it behaved the same way.

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