Bright Orange Light Moves Across Sky in 5 Minutes & Disappears

Location of Sighting: Parma Heights, Ohio
Date of Sighting: March 23, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:55 PM EDT



Description: I saw a bright orange light moving in the night sky. It moved across sky for approximately 5 minutes and then disappeared.

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13 Responses to Bright Orange Light Moves Across Sky in 5 Minutes & Disappears

  1. terry lyons says:

    My son and I saw three orange round lights in sky moving northeast looking east from Southwest Louisville, KY and then 2 more headed in the same direction. Our sighting was maybe 5 minutes total then the light were just gone? WOW!

  2. Carlos Zambada Felix says:

    I also saw an orange light move up, down and across then it stood their for about 40 seconds then the light started getting smaller until it disappeared. It left a large circle of smoke which slowly dissipated. This was in near Central Coast in California facing the Pacific Ocean on 6/15/2022 at about 04:55 hours.

  3. Joanne L. says:

    I just saw a bright orange light that stayed for approximately two minutes and then just vanished. It was moving fast, very fast! What was it?? My sighting was in
    Pontefract, United Kingdom.

  4. Sean DeLo says:

    I have been seeing these blue and orange lights flying at super high altitudes sense I was 15, in El Dorado County, California. I just saw 3 in a 10 minute window about a half hour ago. Seems like this is the only place on google I could find anyone talking about them. You can literally see them any night, any day of the week. Just look up for about 10 minutes. The unknown sort of freaks me out.

  5. Zachary says:

    I saw the lights two nights ago. One came right above the horizon, moved across and then dissipated as it rose. One came in then two after it. They were very strange looking things. I chalked it up to it being a one night thing, but then I saw the same thing the night before.

  6. Sunny Day says:

    On 8/9/2018 I was outside after midnight letting my dogs do their business when I noticed a light in the sky unusually BRIGHT. I have never seen a star that bright before. It appeared to be stationary. I watched it awhile. It seemed to flicker with Blue and Red colors, but with the naked eye it was hard to tell. It was there for several hours at least 3 hours. Then as it got closer to morning about 5 AM I noticed it was GONE. There were still other stars visible so it wasn’t clouds. I did think that ODD. I would have thought nothing of the Bright Light until it disappeared. On the following night 8/10/2018 again I noticed the Bright LIGHT around the same area. Later I looked again and it was GONE. 8/11/2018 I was again out BEFORE Midnight when there was that same BRIGHT LIGHT in a different part of the SKY. I called out to my husband we both watched it for approximately an hour. We had an old pair of binoculars unable to tell much about the light. We could see the Blue and Red lights surrounding it and it seemed to be shape shifting, but stationary. We went back in after a while and later could tell it had moved a little in the sky, but was still visible. About an hour or so later it was Gone. 8/12/2018 after MIDNIGHT I was outside and there it was again in a completely different area of he sky again. I tried to get my husband and son up, but they wouldn’t get out of bed. I got a GOOD PAIR of binoculars and sit outside watching for about 20 minutes. I could see the RED and BLUE lights – CONSTANT shape shifting – ROUND DISC – Then STACKED like 3 tiers with the colors – then it went sideways like a LINE completely WHITE in that shape. I watched as it kept changing shapes. Then I heard noises in the field so I was looking up at the sky and then switching to the field to see if there was something out there. I was Back and Forth for 10 minutes. Then one of my dogs barked SPOOKING me, made me jump and scream LOUD. Then I again focused on the LIGHT in the sky at which point it now looked completely different. It looked like a GLOWING MASS of Smoke of Gas like it was Breaking up. Going from that BRIGHT GLOWING LIGHT to a GLOWING Mass of smoke that was scattered and started getting dimmer as it scattered. Then it appeared there was a hole forming in the center of the MASS. I removed the binoculars to look with the naked eye. Upon doing that I could no longer see anything. It was gone and I could no longer see it with the binoculars. It was almost as if I scared it away when I screamed. This was all a little after midnight. I checked several times that night for the return of the light at which I never again located it. I definitely KNOW it is something unusual. It was not something like a planet, star or satellite. It is something else. I live in EAST Tennessee “Vonore”. An Area in which there is often unexplained sightings in the sky. MY home was in the DIRECT LINE of the Eclipse Last YEAR – Lots of people descended on our little town for 2 minutes of TOTAL ECLIPSE Darkness. The Field Across the street from my home was filled with thousands of tourist who came to view the event. We are in an active area. We have had CROP circles and other strange events over the years. I can’t wait until tonight to see if the LIGHT RETURNS. Its usually around 11 PM – 2 AM it seems. I will keep you posted.

  7. Mario A says:

    I saw it 4 times so far. It seems each night I am outside in my backyard late at night we see it. I would almost guarantee a sighting on any night where I live. I just don’t get a chance to sit out each night and wait for it. I had a sighting three times while looking west from my backyard, 2 of which were on the same night and a 4th time looking east just last night Sept 3, 2017. I live in Chatham, Ontario, across the lake from Cleveland. I saw a relatively large (compared to the surrounding stars) bright orange light that seemed to be moving slowly over a varied distance each time towards the north, then simply faded away. It was definitely not a plane. We see many of those flying over us at night with their white and red flashing lights. In fact the plane lights are a lot smaller and the planes zip across the sky over us. Each time we see it we are mesmerized by the mystery of the light and watch it carefully instead of running in to grab the camera.

  8. Trevor Chaffin says:

    I saw it in New Riegel, Ohio east 21 Tiffin St. I saw it at night when taking out my dog.

  9. Britney says:

    This morning around 4:30 AM I noticed a dim orange light moving across the sky. I first saw it when I walked onto my back patio and followed it as it moved far left, past my shed and the big pine tree in my backyard. The light moved at a very rapid pace until it came to the far left side of the yard where it then moved only slighty. Intrigued by this, I watched it until I could no longer see it. At first I thought it was a plane, but it moved rather quickly, almost skipping across the sky. Maybe it was a meteor, but the light eventually became more dim and seemed to move further into the night sky until it disappeared. I am not sure, but I thought meteors became more visible as they begin to fall rather than disappear. Has anyone else seen something like this before?

    • S.M.C says:

      My friend and I witnessed 2 spaced about 60 feet apart maybe it was more but they tracked the same exact path. The sky was cloudy with no wind. I took a cellphone video of them. The sighting was in Methuen, MA
      7-29-22 around 9:45 PM.

  10. Josh Laird says:

    I am curious: Which way was it moving?



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