Bright Orange/White Glowing Flying Orb Flashes Fast.

Location of Sighting: Newcastle, California
Date of Sighting: March 12, 2018
Time of Sighting: 8:55 PM PDT

Description: My wife and 12 year old daughter were driving home from a ballet, came into the house and said they just saw a bright orange/white glowing flying orb flash really fast across the front of the car. They thought they were going to hit it. It suddenly appeared, moving right to left and then was gone. We live 4 miles off the interstate near Auburn, down a quiet hilly wooded country road with not many residents at all. I asked if it was a bird, illuminated by headlights. My wife laughed and said no way! They said it was moving way too fast, came out of nowhere and then was gone. It was it’s own light source and not a reflection. It was bright white in the center and orange on the perimeter, with streaks of orange. I asked how big it was. She held up her arms about 3 feet long and 18″ tall and said that it was about 5 to 10 feet above the ground. I asked if it could have been a meteor. She said she thought she almost hit it and it was not further away in the sky. Was it a drone? It was faster, and bright, and the road has trees so it definitely was not a drone. Could it have been a kid on a hill above the road, throwing something? No. My wife says she’s really glad someone was with her, otherwise she’d think she was crazy. They were driving along maybe 30 MPH, talking, and then when it happened they were both silent for a second and then reacted: “Woah, you almost hit that!” And then they started talking quickly back and forth: “You saw that, too? What was that? Oh my god!” My wife sped up to get away (I asked why she didn’t stop to check it out) and my daughter told her to slow down. I queried them both for an hour. Freaky!

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2 Responses to Bright Orange/White Glowing Flying Orb Flashes Fast.

  1. Barb G says:

    It looks like these lights are getting larger at least seen at ground level. It is possible that the ones seen in the air that people are recording may be this size too. They show up at a distance so it would be hard to judge size.

    • Administrator says:

      This object (light) was definitely close as the witness thought that she was going to hit it with her car.

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