Bright Orbs Move Erratically & Burst Into Multiple Lights.

Location of Sighting: Mountain Home, Arkansas
Date of Sighting: May 27, 2019
Time of Sighting: 12:35 AM CDT

Description: I was sitting on my steps outside my bedroom. I saw a very bright light blinking, but not as an airplane blinks. The light dropped lower and was over my tree tops. It would blink, the light, 3 times as it moved. I thought it was farther away then it was and just watched it. Then I realized it was moving too fast to be a plane, or whatever. Then I saw another orb with the single light like the other one. Then I noticed that one moved so fast it left a light trail. I got scared. The two lights went around my trees, back and forth and blinking. The lights did not send light to the ground or trees, but they were just very bright and at the distance they were from me they looked the size of a fist doubled up. I watched getting more and more scared. Then suddenly the main one, first one burst and 5 or 6 other lighted things just zoomed out in different directions from the main one. They all looked just alike. Then I noticed small lights blinking and getting closer to me. I watched those smaller lights which were blinking, and after a few minutes I felt they were fire fly’s. However, no fire fly could move as fast as the much bigger and brighter lights. The big lights were there at least 30 minutes coming and going and moving out of sight and back. The big lights got about tree top and one zoomed to my left and I thought it might come down and I jumped up and ran into the house. I went and spoke to my house keeper, but she didn’t want to hear about what i was seeing. I went back outside and only one was coming and going quickly. (I asked them to land, but please do not surprise me for I’m scared already.) They didn’t land, but left and quickly came and left. I went back three hours later at 3:30 AM checking to see if they were back. I noticed the lighting bugs stayed and I was able to see the flashes of the bugs. They did not compare at all. There was a huge difference in size and brightness. That was last night, Sunday night, or Saturday morning. I had been at church and gotten home about 9 PM. I don’t drink, or smoke MJ. I was clear minded and under no stress. I do believe in Alien life. I think they had a purpose, which was to stir up the lightening bugs. I hadn’t noticed any lightening bugs until the bright light or the orb came blinking. That light was on the bottom of whatever it was on. After the orbs left, the smaller blinking light of the bugs did not at all compare to the other lights. There was a huge difference in size and brightness. I swear I’m telling the truth, but we all know it’s happening all the time somewhere. Thank you for your time. Oh, I called the police, sheriff’s departments, yet I could hear them kind of laughing. I tried to send an email to MUFON, but they kept saying I wasn’t giving required information. If so, it was my computer. I’m 74, computer stupid. I hope this goes.

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  1. Gary McCamey says:

    I wrote this, but I did not know it was here. Like I say, I’m 74 and do not know about a computer, other then emailing something. Three times I have seen the one bright light coming to the same spot it came to the first time. Each time, Eunice, my house keeper stood up and said she didn’t want to stay and see it. When she opened the door the orb left, very fast. Then two nights after that I was sitting and watching to see if they came again, it did, same spot, but I saw it, stood and opened the door, yelled at Eunice and said: They’re back, I shut the door, and looked and immediately the orb went in a perfect square, leaving a reddish orange line from the speed. It seemed like the box was about 5’X5’X5’X5′ and it did it twice, so fast you could not see anything, but the lines, then it was gone. I think he didn’t want me watching. I saw him last night over the tree on the far side. The odd thing, is there are hardly any fire flies left. This I’ve learned sitting out there watching. Some of the fire flies, I believe moved fast enough to make the reddish orange line. I know, but I swear with an oath to God, I saw the reddish orange lines made by the fire flies. I’m wondering, is there something in the makeup of the fire fly that allows it to move very fast, not for long distances, but very fast for 10′, or so. If not, why is this orb collecting fire fly’s at my site? If there is a scientist reading this, it wouldn’t be the first knowledge gotten from insect life. For about a month now I’ve seen these light streaks led by a lightening bug I assumed. I Didn’t think about it until I compared the speed of an alien flying disk and the speed of the lightening bugs. Understand that I’ve only seen 5 to 8 of these streaks.

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