Bright Star-Like Object Stops & Moves Away in Another Direction.

Location of Sighting: County Donegal, Ireland
Date of Sighting: May 22, 2018
Time Sighting: 2:10 AM Local Time

Description: Hi: I found this page after googling what I saw tonight. I was outside with my dogs when a bright star caught my attention. I assumed it must have been a satellite as it was moving too fast, but I couldn’t believe how bright the light was. I was watching it move cross the sky when it stopped and moved away in another direction at high speed, but before it went out off sight there was a second star light object (not as bright or big as the first one) that seemed to fall from the larger one straight down to earth. There was a red glow off this object that behaved more like a shooting star where as the first light was like a very fast extremely bright satellite. This happened at around 2:10 AM on The 22nd of May 2018 in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Note: The witness said that his sighting was similar to the sighting of a star-like object that moved in a line, stopped and changed direction. This sighting was in Meridian, ID on July 30, 2016.

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