Bright Star-Like Object Zigzags NW Across Sky.

Location of Sighting: Sacramento, California
Date of Sighting: January 6, 2017
Time of Sighting: 5:40 AM PST

Description: On January 6th, at 5:40 AM I observed a flying object zigzag across the sky over Sacramento, CA. I was sitting outside and noticed a bright, crisp, twinkling star, that to my surprise, began to move in a zigzag, NW path across the sky. I kept my eyes glued to it for less than 2 minutes before it disappeared from my view behind one the Sacramento’s office buildings. This is not to imply that the object was low to the ground as my vantage point for viewing the sky is limited due to the fact I am located in the heart of the city a few blocks from the State Capital. It was amazing. The star blinked out and immediately reappeared 20 degrees to the right and forward, then it would blink out again and appear at the same angle in a forward motion on the opposite side of it’s path. This movement was a micro-fraction-of-a-second, a literal blink of the eye, and it’s light was out. It had moved forward and to the side as if following a path and staying within designated boundaries of that path. Does anybody have any idea if we have an aircraft that can move like this? Or do we have visitors? All I can say it is fascinating to watch and I ponder the possibilities.

Note: The witness said this his sighting was similar to the sighting of a zigzagging star-like object over Mexico on April 5, 2016.

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