Bright “Star-Like” Object Zigzags to the West.

Location of Sighting: Bow, Washington
Date of Sighting: August 1, 2016
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM PDT

Description: I watched what at first appeared to be a bright star, hovering in the sky above me. It seemed at first to be at the distance of a common star, but after observing it for a good moment I noticed it moving and realized that it seemed to be at a distance within our atmosphere or just outside of it. It caught my attention at first because it was slightly larger and brighter then the rest of the stars in the sky. It moved with short inconsistent zigzag-like lines as if it were hovering or surveying. (It’s movements just seemed to me as if in behavior of something that was observing or surveying the earth.)

I watched it as it slowly moved across the sky to the west moving with the same short zigzag-like flight pattern like nothing man made I have ever seen. It would zigzag in one direction and then again back to it’s previous position of hovering, but yet slowly inched it’s way across the sky. I continued to watch it for somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes, possibly longer. I was very awestruck by the whole thing. Some zigzags were of longer distance than others, but they were all very inconsistent nonetheless.

I am a person of science and as a general rule of thumb I normally prefer to have hard facts and solid evidence before I am sold on much of anything, but what I saw was without question most definitely out of this world and was NOT a man made aircraft!

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1 Response to Bright “Star-Like” Object Zigzags to the West.

  1. Barbara G. says:

    This sounds like a good sighting of some type of craft, but what? It’s possible that the movements this craft was going through might have been to protect it from the military shooting it down and it would depend on the altitude for that to happen. None of us know just what kind of fire power the military has.

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