Bright Star-Like Stationary Object On Several Nights.

Location of Sighting: Cullman, Alabama
Date of Sighting: January 19, 2020 (& previous nights)
Time of Sighting: 9:08 PM CST

Description: I have been watching a UFO for days now. I only see it at night. It appears as a big bright star, stationary most of the time. But, sometimes it will begin to blink and seems to move into the clouds a bit, but is still visible. Other times it will begin to travel after blinking, once the blinking stops. On some nights, there seems to be an unusual amount of aircraft in the area of this big star-like UFO. I am not sure if it’s planes, or if they are accompanying the big star UFO. It happens almost every night lately, sometimes beginning just before dark, other times I see it between 7 and 10 PM. It is there right now. Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 9:08 pm. It’s been very active tonight. I live in the Berlin area of Cullman, AL.

Note: The witness has been viewing the planet Venus.

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2 Responses to Bright Star-Like Stationary Object On Several Nights.

  1. Mark B. says:

    I saw a space saucer too. There appeared to be tiny men with oblong heads driving the craft.

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