Bright Stream of Green Light in Sky Abruptly Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Date of Sighting: October 4, 2015
Time of Sighting: 11:43 PM EDT

Description: So Sunday the 4th October at 1143 PM I was at work when the strangest thing happened. I was working with my team and ALL OF US SAW IT.  We saw a bright
green stream of light flying through the sky. In the matter of 3 blinks of my eyes the light flew by us above our heads and then just VANISHED. As it flew away at crazy speeds and disappeared into thin air as if it went into a completely different planet.

I was expecting to hear a fighter jet or something that like an airplane and not a peep. Light on and light off and it’s gone. It definitely wasn’t a shooting star or anything of that sort.

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4 Responses to Bright Stream of Green Light in Sky Abruptly Vanishes.

  1. Faiz L.. says:

    We saw one at 1:25 AM by Conecuh National Forrest near the Alabama/Florida line.

    It was insane. We thought it was a toy in the sky for a blink and then it ZOOMED by without making a sound and we blinked and it was gone.

  2. Rachel says:

    Sounds like what we saw. I don’t have exact time but it was about 11:30 PM, October 4th. We were driving from Montreal to Ottawa, just coming into the Ottawa region, where there’s only forest around us. It came on our left side, flew extremely fast (we estimate 400-600 KM/HR since we were driving about 100 KM/HR). There green lights, with one red in the center. My husband saw more details, saying there was a triangular shape. My brother drove about 30 KM behind us and saw it as well. It flew low and maneuvered away. We saw it for just a few seconds.

  3. robin brown says:

    I have seen something very similar to that a few years ago as well! It darted across the sky in a bright green stream of light and vanished. Another person who was with me saw it as well!

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