Bright White Light Appears Against Blue Evening Sky.

Location of Sighting: Apache Junction, Arizona
Date of Sighting: April 10, 2019
Time of Sighting: 6 PM MST


Description: A bright white light, larger than any planet or star, appeared against the blue evening sky before any other planets or stars were observed. A partial moon was observed to the West. The object was brighter than the moon. It was a windy day, clouds were moving, but the object was motionless, stationary for over 20 minutes, with no movement and no other lights. I checked about 1/2 an hour later, after dark and the object was gone.

Note: No bright planets were visible at the time of the sighting. The object could have been a high altitude balloon, but as the witness pointed out it was quite windy and the object appeared stationary. It is also doubtful that the object could have been a weather balloon.

Update – August 22, 2019: Analysis of radar data from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport indicates that the witnesses saw craft from a military high altitude operation.

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3 Responses to Bright White Light Appears Against Blue Evening Sky.

  1. Allen Daugherty says:

    I also witnessed this phenomenon from East Mesa, and from my observation as the sun was going down the brightness of the object was dimming as if the Earth’s shadow was starting to cover it. I took my first picture at 6:42 PM. When the sun got far enough down the Earth’s shadow covered it to the point that it appeared to disappear when in fact it was still there, but could not be seen by the naked eye!

  2. Frazier says:

    We witnessed this same enormous object for over an hour while it hovered without moving and reflected the setting sun.
    With low powered binoculars, it almost looked like two discs vertically engaged.

    We watched it move back into deeper space after the sunset where it looked more like a star or other stellar object without changing.

    Our photos look much like yours.

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