Bright White Light Southern Sky.

Location of Sighting: Aberdeen, Washington
Date of Sighting: February 12, 2017
Time of Sighting: 7 to 10 PM PST

Description: Yeah I saw a bright white light 5 times the size of a star. It had 3 blue lights out each side, making it triangle like because I couldn’t see the back line if any. It hung drifting towards Ocean Shores, WA. It was in the air in one spot. But as time passed and the earth turned it faded away. My sighting was in the evening of Feb 12 from 7 PM to 10 PM roughly. The location was over Aberdeen, WA. My cousin has seen them a few nights. A random couple said they have seen it more than once too. I have seen nothing in any news outlets local or otherwise. This is my first ever report. I am soon to be 59 year old male. I have lived in Grays Harbor County all but 3 years.

One more thing when I first saw it I thought it was a jet or big plane heading straight at me. We don’t get that kind of air traffic in Grays Harbor. Have you guys got any other similar reports?

It was real clear and the nearly full moon was out behind me. It was not the cause of light. It was way too bright for moon reflection. As the earth turned they went across the sky at same time and distance. Thanks. Let me know if you get other reports from here.

Note: I believe that the witness saw the planet Venus which is very bright in the evening sky.

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  1. alison olson says:

    I am seeing this every night from 6 to 10 PM in Fargo, North Dakota. It hovers randomly sometimes stands still. It has been happening for the last week now.

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