Bright White Light That Would Flash Red Moves Up, Down in Circles.

Location of Sighting: Jacksonville, Florida
Date of Sighting: February 5, 2020
Time of Sighting: 8:50 PM PM EST (Needs to be Verified)

Description: I was on my back porch smoking a cigarette when I heard two helicopters. I went out to see them and noticed one low and one high where I had seen the light. They both had spot lights on like they were looking for something. I went inside to grab my dog to take her out. When I went out the front door the helicopters were gone, but I noticed a bright white light that would flash red. It appeared to be over or near Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville. I thought that it was a star at first until I noticed it drifting left to right, up and down. It even made circle motions. Two family members also observed the light for about 5 minutes before the light drifted west towards Cecil field and then down below the tree line. My one family member works on F18’s and I used to work at the airport on commercial aircraft. We both agree this wasn’t an airplane and something strange we haven’t seen before. I wasn’t able to take video because my phone is old. Now I wished I had grabbed my iPad, but it’s to late now. Hopefully someone on the Buckmen bridge saw it and filmed.

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  1. To scared to talk says:

    I got something I took pictures of that scared me. The bad object looked like it was on fire and a very bright white one. I saw the bright white one on December 31 about 9:00 or 9:30 PM. The second time I saw it was on January 21 about 9 PM, time but there was another one and all my pictures have weird lines on them and different on each one.

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