Bright White Lights Equidistant in Line Move NE.

Location of Sighting: Cove, Oregon
Date of Sighting: April 16, 2020
Time of Sighting: 10 PM PDT

Description: I saw bright white lights moving generally SW to NE sometimes equidistant in a line, sometimes 2 parallel, occasionally one a bit slower than the rest. They were soundless, steady lights, no blinking, no color discernible. They would fade out about three fingers above the eastern horizon. The sighting lasted at least 15 minutes. I am not sure how many, but I counted 12 in about 1.5 minutes. I was not able to photograph.

Note: This is another sighting of Star-Link satellites.

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2 Responses to Bright White Lights Equidistant in Line Move NE.

  1. Old man from N. California says:

    I saw the exact same thing in N. California. It went on for roughly 7 to 10 minutes. I stopped counting after 2 dozen. Some would wander out and back, but would come back into the line.

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