Bright Yellow-White Fireball Hovers Over Ocean & Then Disappears.

Location of Sighting: Ocean View, Hawaii
Date of Sighting: February 13, 2020
Time of Sighting: 6:55 PM Local Time


Description: We spotted a bright fireball over the ocean at dusk. At first, my family and I assumed it was a really big ship light (i.e. a freighter). But we soon realized that the ball of light was far above the ocean water. The ball of light was a yellowish/white glow that was very bright and it almost seemed to twinkle as a star or satellite would. However, it was far too parallel to the water’s surface to be a star, planet, etc. It hovered in place for a solid five minutes before disappearing completely. Later as it grew darker, the light was back, except this time it had a bright blinking light that was too inconsistent and quick to be a commercial jet or civilian plane. At this point, it moved southwest of the coast very quickly. There was no noise, but if there was we would be able to hear something(as it is very quiet where we live and we can hear small prop planes that are miles away)! Our local town’s community Facebook page also had a few residents reporting about the light as well. The southwest slopes of Mauna Loa (the Ka’u desert) are no stranger to weird lights in the sky at night. There are plenty of aircraft our military test on this remote side of the Big Island, but I have only seen a few other instances where I cannot easily explain what I saw as a “military test”.

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