Brown Pillow Shaped UFO Emerges From Green-Yellow Spray.

Location of Sighting: Fountain Hills, Arizona
Date of Sighting: November 10, 2011
Time of Sighting: Dawn

Description: An elderly man recalls a sighting from Nov 10, 2011. He was sitting on his deck at dawn. The sky was clear with a few wispy clouds. He at once saw several green-yellow balls in the sky to the west. He also saw a green-yellow misty in the northwestern sky. Then he saw a brown pillow shaped object emerge from the spray. The object began moving rapidly west and was gone in less than one minute. He had previously reported his sighting to the local sheriff and to the local newspaper. Later he related his sighting to investigators attending a local UFO convention. The sheriff and newspaper said that they received no other sightings and took no action. The UFO investigators wanted the witness to type up a report. The witness said he was not a good typist and did not want to type a report.

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