Burning Object With Sparks Around it Flies North.

Location of Sighting: Olympia, Washington
Date of Sighting: September 3, 2016
Time of Sighting: 12:05 AM PDT

Description: I was looking west from my home. I saw what looked to be a burning object moving northward, from my left to the right, across the sky. The object appeared to be burning with obvious sparks flying around it. It seemed to turn colors: white, gold, blue and red. The trajectory was horizontal, as far as I could tell, a steady course. I did not see where it vanished. My wife said it just “vanished” in a bright, golden light at the end, larger than a satellite. I was hoping to learn what I saw, please do tell me what it is, as it was very cool to see.

Note: A commenter found this story on PORTLAND, OR (KPTV):
A bright light streaked across the sky over Oregon and Washington late Friday night. According to the American Meteor Society website, there were more than 130 reported sightings. The website shows people from Medford, Oregon to Port Angeles, Washington reported seeing the fireball just before midnight. Given this story the object in the above sighting was likely a meteor.

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