Car Lights Blink on Off. 3 Formations of Lights Seen.

Location of Sighting: Seal rock Oregon
Date of Sighting: February 24, 2020
Time of Sighting: 6 AM PST

Description: I was outside at approximately 6:00 AM. The lights on our neighbor’s car began to blink on and off. I happened to look up and saw two lights that had the same characteristics of satellites, except that they were nose to tail. The second light closed the distance with the other light, until they merged into one light and continued out of sight, heading in a SSW direction. This light was followed by a large triangle configuration of three lights, following the same path as the previous lights. This triangle of lights were followed by 43 individual lights, many of which came in a series of four lights with equal distance between them, heading in a straight line. Many of the others were individual lights, following the same path in a more staggered formation. There were 43 total lights from when I spotted the first two. The entire event lasted approximately 10 minutes. There was no sound.

Note: The apparent electromagnetic interference with the neighbor’s is interesting, but I believe that the witness saw star-link communication satellites. The car interference is likely not related to the lights.

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