Car Lights & Engine Turn Off. Bright Lights Seen.

Location of Sighting: Polk City, Florida
Date of Sighting: 1983 or 1984
Time of Sighting: Night time (Exact Time Unknown)

Description: My name is Angela and I saw a UFO up close. I was scared to death. That was back in 1983 or 1984 at my brother’s mobile home in Polk City, FL. What I saw was nothing like V shaped lights! A complete description of my sighting follows:

Hello I am emailing you because what my brother, his first wife (she has passed away) and I saw. Anyway we were going down a dark road to get to my brother David’s mobile home. He had a Ford truck with fog lights so we were making our way down listening to radio and  suddenly the fog lights went out radio turned knob was going crazy and the truck turned off. Then I looked out the window passenger side and I saw bright Lights something huge over the truck. As time went by we lost about 45 minutes when the truck turned back on and fog lights as well. 

Then later that night I was sitting at the door step being stupid 15 years old smoking a cigarette and then suddenly I saw bright colorful lights and I quickly realized there was no noise and it was about 7 feet away as where I was sitting. I was shaking with fear and screaming for my brother. He came running to me and I told him that I just saw a UFO then when I  turned around it was gone.  Thank you hearing my story.  

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