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Octagon Shaped Object With Many Rows of White Lights.

Location of Sighting: Pasco, Washington Date of Sighting: March 23, 2017 Time of Sighting: 1 AM PDT Description: I saw a large octagon in shaped object with bright white lights, many rows of lights. It kind of bounced up and … Continue reading

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Eight Sided Star-Burst Lights Green Lines Connecting.

Location of Sighting: Near Chicago, Illinois Date of Sighting: January 14, 2017 Time of Sighting: 2 AM CST Description: I saw eight sided stationary star burst lights with center dot N sky about 25 Degrees. Green blue lines connected all … Continue reading

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September, 2014 – Phoenix, Arizona – 9 PM MST

Description: The photos are of a UFO or orb. They are approximately 2 feet in diameter and have a white glow. They are only seen with a digital camera. I have photographed it several times over a month period through … Continue reading

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