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Oval, Shiny, Silver Object Zigzags Rapidly & Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: Ukiah, California Date of Sighting: June 8, 2020 Time of Sighting: 09:40 AM PDT Description: I was looking out my window facing north, looking over a large tree in our parking lot. I saw this intensely shiny, … Continue reading

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Flash of Metallic Metal Seen Followed by Low Flying Jet.

Location of Sighting: Albany, GeorgiaDate of Sighting: May 25, 2020Time of Sighting: 10 AM EDT Description: I saw numerous jets flying North to South over these large fields at tree top level. After many sightings, I finally caught a glimpse … Continue reading

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Rectangular Object Rises Up Above Mountain, Then Hovers.

Location of Sighting: Williamsburg, PennsylvaniaDate of Sighting: May 26, 2020Time of Sighting: 6:45 PM EDT Description: An object rose up from behind a mountain. I initially thought it was the moon, but realized it was too far east for this … Continue reading

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Glass or Shiny Earth-Like Object Comes From Mountain Tops.

Location of Sighting: Sevierville, TennesseeDate of Sighting: April 10, 2020Time of Sighting: 3:40 AM EDT Description: I saw what looked like earth, with a line of light from top to bottom going around it. I noticed it coming up from … Continue reading

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2 Objects Without Wings or Propellers Fly East.

Location of Sighting: Islip, New YorkDate of Sighting: November 1, 2016Time of Sighting: 11:45 AM EST Description: I just finished installing a lock on someone’s post office box. When walking back to my truck I happened to look up and … Continue reading

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Ascending Silvery Object Captured on Video.

Location of Sighting: South Shields, United KingdomDate of Sighting: February 17, 2020Time of Sighting: 11:55 AM Local Time Description: The object looks silver and is moving very fast. It’s about 7 seconds in you see a sea gull fly past. … Continue reading

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Saucer Shaped Object Flies Out of Clouds, Hovers.

Location of Sighting: Newton Abbot Devon, United KingdomDate of Sighting: January 3, 2020Time of Sighting: 1:30 PM Local Time Description: Hi Bill: It was the beginning of the year and I was very excited. I could not wait to sky … Continue reading

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Silver Object Seen Following Commercial Jet.

Location of Sighting: Hampstead, North CarolinaDate of Sighting: January 2, 2020Time of Sighting: 3:20 PM EST Description: On 1-2-2020 I observed a possible UFO following a commercial jet flying south. It flew erratically behind the jet and flew quickly in … Continue reading

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Long Slender Metallic Object 100 to 200 Miles Long.

Location of Sighting: Mud Flats, IdahoDate of Sighting: Oct or Nov, 1976Time of Sighting: Around Sunrise Description: A man recalls seeing a long slender metallic object possibly 100 to 200 miles long while on a goose hunting trip in 1976. … Continue reading

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Fast Moving Silver Object Seen High in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Boise, IdahoDate of Sighting: July 30, 2019Time of Sighting: 5:10 PM MDT Description: I was walking my dog and I looked up to the sky and saw a silver object. It was pretty far away so it … Continue reading

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