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Ball of Light Hovers Next to Mountain.

Location of Sighting: Mt. Vernon, Washington Date of Sighting: 1967-68 Time of Sighting: Early Afternoon Description: In 1967/68 (school year 7th grade), we were all outdoors after lunch, goofing around, when someone shouted: “What is that?” Hovering next to Little Mountain … Continue reading

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Silent Metallic Flying Disk.

Location of Sighting: Mohegan Lake, New YorkDate of Sighting: December 8, 2018Time of Sighting: Between 7 and 9 AM EST Description: A woman was looking out her window and saw a metallic disk shaped object fly slowly horizontally across the … Continue reading

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Very Bright Shiny Object Moves Slowly West in Day Sky.

Location of Sighting: Near Trout Lake, Washington Date of Sighting: July 11, 2018 Time of Sighting: 5:45 PM PDT Description: Our sighting was the same day about 7 miles west of Trout Lake, WA at Peterson Camp Ground. We saw … Continue reading

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