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Man Threatened by Dead Entities With Black Eyes.

Location of Sighting: Chico, CaliforniaDate of Sighting: July 12, 2019Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM PDT Description: I am having constant sightings of deceased people threatening me with weapons, usually a gun. I am being constantly threatened by them and would … Continue reading

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Man Claims to Have Been Abducted & Taken to Moon.

Location of Sighting: Tyler, TexasDate of Sighting: December 27, 2019 (Date Reported)Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM CST Description: This is not a prank call this is Zach that’s my actual name. I recently was in a town called Tyler, Texas … Continue reading

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7 Foot Tall Reptoid Being Shape Shifts to Old Woman.

Location of Sighting: Lake Ouashita (Near Hot Springs, Arkansas)Date of Sighting: 2010 or 2011 Listen To Woman’s Audio Report (YouTube): Description: A woman was camping with her ex husband near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They were in a tent a terrific … Continue reading

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Red, Orange, White Lighted Low Flying Orbs.

Location of Sighting: Burien, Washington Date of Sighting: July 22, 2018 Time of Sighting: 11:12 PM PDT Description: I HAVE BEEN RESEARCHING NIBIRU/PLANET X FOR ONE YEAR AND THREE MONTHS. I HAVE TAKEN MANY PHOTOS/VIDEOS. THERE IS EVIDENCE OF SOMETHING … Continue reading

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Grey Beings Emerge From Hovering Light Sphere.

Location of Sighting: Conway, Arkansas Date of Sighting: July 1, 1985 Time of Sighting: 12 AM CDT Description: I saw a star shaped light sphere which hovered above pine needles below the tree canopy. Alien greys came forth and entered … Continue reading

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Man Claims to Have Seen Aliens in The Clouds.

Location of Sighting: Dobson, North Carolina Date of Sighting: April 11, 2017 Time of Sighting: 9 AM EDT Description: They are in the clouds. If you look closely at the clouds you can see there faces. I saw the clouds … Continue reading

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Mysterious Green Light Seen. Witness Wakes Up in Parking Lot.

Location of Sighting: Pittsburg, Kansas Date of Sighting: March 9, 2018 Time of Sighting: 9:20 AM CST Description: I have been keeping an eye on this website for awhile and the newest sighting from Chanute has made me realize I … Continue reading

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Black Creature-Like Object Seen Near Blood Moon.

Location of Sighting: Bend, Oregon Date of Sighting: January 31, 2018 Time of Sighting: 10:48 PM PST Description: We Live in Bend, Oregon. Unexpectedly the Blue Moon night late evening at 10:48 PM I and the Former Mayor of Bend … Continue reading

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Man Says He Found Small Spherical UFO.

Location of Sighting: Church Point, Louisiana Date of Sighting: May 14, 2017 Time of Sighting: 11:15 PM CDT Description: The object is a sphere, of small size with slight colors of purple or violet and some gold and silver like. … Continue reading

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Multicolored Triangular, Cigar Shaped UFO’s Regularly Seen.

Location of Sighting: Tomball, Texas Date of Sighting: October 20, 2016 (Latest) Description: A woman says that she regularly sees UFO’s of varying shapes (cigar shaped, triangular shaped and helicopter shaped). The objects are of all colors and are regularly … Continue reading

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