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Ham Radio Operator Hears American Airlines Pilot Report UFO.

NOTE: THIS INVESTIGATION IS IN PROGRESS. PERIODICALLY CHECK THIS SITE FOR UPDATES UFOs Northwest & a Team of Utah Investigators headed by MUFON Director Erica Lukes are Working on This Case. Location of Sighting: Near Nephi, Utah Date of Sighting: January 14, … Continue reading

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2 Corrections Officers See Large Orbs. Radar May Confirm Sighting.

Radar Analysis and Computation Worksheet Hanford, WA sighting of Large Orange Objects October 18, 2015 Prepared by William Puckett UFO Investigator and Meteorologist Background: 2 Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) Officers saw bright orange lights for around 50 seconds … Continue reading

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Study Finds 241 Near Misses Between Drones, Planes.

Friday, 11 Dec 2015 09:41 AM There have been at least 241 reports of close encounters between drones and manned aircraft that meet the government’s definition of a near midair collision, including 28 in which pilots maneuvered to get out … Continue reading

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FAA Promulgates Regulations For Drones.

New FAA Drone Rules effective December 21 , 2015. Rules were established to cut down close call collisions between drones and airplanes. Pilots report approximately 100 drone sightings per month. Approximately 400,00 drones are expected to be sold over the … Continue reading

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Interview With Man Regarding Reverse Alien Technology.

Location of Witness: Raytown, Missouri Date of Interview: December 7, 2015 Listen to Clip of Interview (YouTube): Description: The witness said that he has met 2 individuals who had knowledge of reverse alien technology. One individual was a special forces … Continue reading

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Holloman AFB Records Show F16’s in UFO Sighting Area.

Description: Update – Dec 5, 2015: We have received a response to our FOIA to Holloman AFB inquiring about aircraft that were in the air at the time of the above sighting. Although the request was heavily redacted we have … Continue reading

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Alien Transit Systems May Be a Giveaway in the Search for ET.

Source: Scientific American Magazine A Harvard professor devises a scheme to detect extraterrestrials by tracking how they might commute from one world to the next By Michael Lemonick | August 24, 2015 Avi Loeb has an unorthodox new idea … Continue reading

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Radar Data Analysis in NM Shows “Unusual Activity.”

Special Note – July 30, 2015: The FAA was contacted in an attempt to fill in the “missing holes” in the radar coverage noted in the report below. Updates will be posted. Update – August 27, 2015: The missing data … Continue reading

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Radar Analysis – UFO Sighting – Inwood, WV

RADAR SUMMARY NEAR INWOOD, WV FOR EVALUATION OF UFO SIGHTING AND VIDEO FEB 3, 2015 Background: On Feb 3 a woman saw a triangular object flying in a circular pattern in the Inwood, WV area. She took photos and a … Continue reading

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Many UFO Sightings Are Bright Planets. See Photo.

Location of Sighting: Helena, Montana – Date of Sighting: June 19, 2015 Time of Sighting: 10:33 PM MDT Note: Our Group Has Received a Large Number of UFO Reports That Are Jupiter & Venus (See Photo.) Description: UFOs Northwest has … Continue reading

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