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Large White Glowing Light With Whispering Sound.

Location of Sighting: Florida Everglades, Monroe County, FloridaDate of Sighting: 2005Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM Eastern Time Description: I know this is a past report, but feel it is important to record because of it’s effect on Nature. It happened … Continue reading

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Woman Sees Bright Blue Object Hovering Over Trees.

Location of Sighting: Fayetteville, Arkansas Date of Sighting: August 5, 2005 Time of Sighting: Just After Midnight Description: I seen a bright blue object hover over the trees at our house. It stayed for hours flashing blue and sparkly light. … Continue reading

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1991 to 1993 – Pensacola, Florida

Description: I was abducted by a UFO in Pensacola, Florida.between 1991-93. The reason that I can’t be precise about the date is the aliens stuck me with a needle after. They drugged me before they dragged me into their craft. … Continue reading

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May 28, 2005 – Alhambra, Alberta, Canada – 1:48 PM MDT

Description: This occurred in May, 2005. A friend of mine has a small farm at Alhambra. He phoned this Saturday morning in 2005 all excited because he had just photographed a small swarm of round objects buzzing about above his … Continue reading

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Late December, 2005 – Kingwood, West Virginia – 8 to 11 PM EST

Description: My brother, father and I all were looking up at the stars when we saw a flying triangle moving due south. It was flying at an extremely high altitude. It had a light in each of the three corners … Continue reading

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May 16, 2005 – Oneida, Illinois – 3:30 AM CDT

Description: I saw 2 very bright lights at approximately 3:30 AM in the east. I watched and they appeared to be moving. I had been an air traffic controller at Moline (IL) airport and figured it to be the early … Continue reading

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